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Clean Up Bookkeping

Are you stuck with bookkeeping work that just keeps piling up? Let me help you get back on track! D.D. Bookkeeping Services specializes in cleanup work and no job is too big or small for me to handle. I can get your system up and running so you can concentrate on making money.

Regular Review

I am available for reviews on a regular basis, from monthly to quarterly. I provide all clients with an end-of-year review of their books to make sure they are correct before going to their CPA for income tax preparation.


Most start-ups and small-to-medium sized developing businesses can’t maintain a full-time bookkeeper as an employee. Businesses still desperately need someone who is transparent, competent, ambitious, and can be trusted to work alone while they concentrate on their business ownership goals and aspirations. Isn’t that how to become a successful and growing business? The financial tasks of running a business can be time consuming, confusing, and just plain boring.

We enjoy working with an array of businesses types offering full-charge bookkeeping & consulting for:


  • construction

  • distribution

  • retail & wholesale

  • non-profits

  • online businesses

  • service oriented businesses

  • law firms

  • and much, much more










Areas of Practice





Incorporate Business

Accounting software


Entity selection

Cash Management


Notary Service


Website Builder


Business Cards Printing


"She brought my books up to date very quickly. Diana was a pleasure to work with. I really appreciate her ability to get me caught up from where my previous bookkeeper had left off, and to make it painless.

Mr. Hector Alboran

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