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Practice Areas

D.D. Bookkeeping Services provides virtual bookkeeping solutions to Riverside County, California and beyond. I use my 18 years of professional experience to help your business run efficiently. I understand that no two businesses are the same; that’s why all of my services are tailor-made to fit the exact needs of your business

Quickbooks Training


Ready to take the reins and regain control of your finances? I provide one-on-one QuickBooks training for business professionals.

  • Data Entry

  • Receivables and Payables

  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

  • Aging and Vendor Reports

  • Monthly P & L, Balance Sheet, and General Ledger

  • Sales Tax Service

  • 1099 Service

  • Assistance on-site or offsite 

  • Secure Data Exchange




Cash Management


A cash crisis can be emotionally devastating and it can even kill your business. If you've ever had to beg, borrow and steal to cover tomorrows payroll you know what I mean.


My cash management service allows you to...


  • know when, where, and how your cash needs will occur.


  • know what the best sources are for meeting your additional cash needs.


  • be prepared to meet these needs when they occur, by keeping good relationships with bankers and other creditors.


The starting point for avoiding a cash crisis is allowing me to develop a cash flow projection for you. I can help you develop both short-term (weekly, monthly) cash flow projections to help you manage daily cash, and long-term (annual, 3-5 year) cash flow projections to help you develop the necessary capital strategy to meet your business needs.



Let me handle your payroll needs, so you can focus on what you enjoy best—running your business. Processing payroll involves much more than simply handing out regular paychecks. There are taxes, deductions, changes in payroll laws, year-end documentation, and more to worry about. Those headaches stop here.

By outsourcing your payroll responsibilities to me, you turn this tedious administrative chore into a trouble-free function in your business that is both cost- and time-effective. If I am handling all your payroll responsibilities, there’s no need for a specialized employee dedicated to this task, and there is no need to maintain your own payroll system. As your payroll partner, I will address all your needs, including check processing and printing, direct deposit, W-2 processing, filing up-to-date quarterly and annual payroll taxes and reporting. As technology leaders, we offer this service electronically, saving you time, money and reducing costly mistakes. Your employees will enjoy secure online access to their pay check stub information and W-2s—eliminating hours of distribution time.



With this option, the client doesn’t have to buy any software or do any of the work. You just give me the financial information and I do the rest. I can set it up to have the information delivered personally, by cloud, sent by email and/or fax. Some clients like to provide safe online access so their bank or credit card can download directly into QuickBooks® to save time and extra simplicity. I will provide you with monthly or quarterly financial statements. If needed, I can also provide more in-depth reporting. I can also personally train you on how to read your financial statements, what the numbers mean, along with things to watch for.



Will examine business operations and procedures and work with business owners to identify areas where performance can be improved and problems can be avoided.

Accounting Services Include:

Operations Management

  • Operational auditing and internal control systems

  • Development of budgets and forecasts

  • Development of systems to manage costs

  • Design and evaluation of accounting and operational systems

  • Accounting and management reporting systems

  • Analyses and recommendations to improve financing, cost accounting, inventory control, pricing, credit and collection systems

Accounting Assistance

Will come to your office to consult or to train your accounting personnel.

  • Payroll assistance

  • Organization of accounting records

  • Training and technical support with bookkeeping questions

  • Computer consulting

Strategic Planning

  • Valuations of business interests for estate and probate matters

  • Strategic planning to translate long-term goals into workable plans

  • Corporate/management reorganization and restructuring

  • Development of financing alternatives

  • Advisory services for smaller businesses

  • Special reports and analyses

  • Assistance in negotiations, mergers, and acquisitions

  • Review of contracts and business agreements

  • Assistance with management recruitment










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