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Who We Are

Principal Accountant


My mission to you is to provide accurate accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services to small and medium sized business in their desire to reduce operating costs, increase revenue and profitability and to legally reduce tax burden by outsourcing accounting functions.


For over 18 years, I have been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to individuals and businesses. My expertise ranges from accounting services to strategic planning for business growth and problem solving. 


I am passionate about supporting business with accurate accounting and tax preparation. I now offer Online Bookkeeping.

I will do all the bookkeeping for you


With this option, the client doesn’t have to buy any software or do any of the work. You just give me the financial information and I do the rest. I can set it up to have the information delivered personally, by cloud, sent by email and/or fax. Some clients like to provide safe online access so their bank or credit card can download directly into QuickBooks® to save time and extra simplicity. I will provide you with monthly or quarterly financial statements. If needed, I can also provide more in-depth reporting. I can also personally train you on how to read your financial statements, what the numbers mean, along with things to watch for.

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